Fly underwater

Fly like a dolphin underwater, in the crystal clear waters of Isla Mujeres with this new watersport!
Perform impressive tricks that you can master in minutes, take a group flight with your loved ones, or simply relax on the surface for an easy, enjoyable glide.

The Wing Diving is safe for kids, adults and anyone who can swim. It requires zero knowledge, anyone can master it in minutes! You have your own subwing and you decide the speed, depth and the amount of seconds underwater.

Book your trip now! Read more about the tour under this video.


After a 15 minute training we will jump on the boat. We will leave with the boat from Isla Mujeres and go 15 minutes out.  When you are ready you will go in the water with an instructor.

You will be in the water behind our boat and grap the board. You can snorkel fast without swimming and just enjoy. When you get comfortable with the board you can start to play.

You will fly twice during our tour (2x 25/30 minutes). How long the tour will take depends on the amount of people on board [2,5 – 3,5 hours].  Book here.

!New unique watersport
!Easy for anyone
!Go in groups
!Master this sport within minutes
!Make it extreme or relaxing
!Get your underwater footage (video + pictures)