Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, literally Women island, is an island in the Caribbean sea close to Cancun. The island is 7 km long and average 650 m wide.
On Isla Mujeres is the most eastern point of whole Mexico. The first sunrise in this country you will see from Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres is more quiet, pretty and more affordable than Cancun and his further destinations. The sea is really shalow and you wil not find a lot or high waves. You can walk far from the pretty beach in the sea and watch the most prettiest sunset.

History of Isla Mujeres

For the Mayans, Isla Mujeres was a sanctuary for the goddess Ixchel. It was because of the many women’s images that the Spaniards found here that they called the island of Isla Mujeres. A temple dedicated to Ixchel was severely damaged by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. In 2005, the island was also hit by a heavy hurricane called Wilma.

Things to do

  • Chill on Playa Norte
  • Rent a golf cart and explore the island
  • Go Diving, Snorkeling or fishing
  • Wing Diving (of course)
  • Cool off in the coolest bar of Mexico, the IceBar (completely made of ice)
  • Visit the turtle farm
  • Swim with dolphins at the dolphin discovery
  • Enjoy the view on Punta Sur